TheraGel is a synthetic material, 100 percent hypoallergenic, non toxic and is microbe and moisture resistant. This Gel platform is a solid “bubble” sheet system unlike the open honeycomb structure used in other beds of this type, thus eliminating the collapsing effect sometimes experienced in these products.

Initially developed for the aerospace industry, its fluid like moulding to body shape combined with high load bearing characteristics make it an ideal surface for spreading body weight evenly without allowing body sag and unnatural alignment of the spine.

TheraGel also has high thermal conductivity, helping to lower skin temperature with benefits for blood circulation and more comfortable sleep. TheraGel is used as the top comfort layer in this bed immediately below the quilted top of the mattress. The primary mattress support is provided by our Therapedic wrapped coil technology spring system.

The manufacturer of this product is a member factory of the world wide Therapedic group who cooperate in the development of the latest technology for use in the bedding industry. Therapedic manufacture an extensive range of products each with there own unique features and benefits.



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